Official Title  Neorude 2
Common Title  Neorude 2
Serial Number(s)  SLPS-01112
Region  NTSC-J
Genre / Style  Adventure  / RPG

Developer  TechnoSoft.
Publisher  TechnoSoft.
Date Released  20 November 1997
Disc Number &
Printed Serial Number

Serial Number In Disc SLPS-01112
Media Disc ID N / A
Number Of Tracks 1
( 1 Data Track )
Approx. Image Size
( Image Format Used )
691 MB
( .bin / .cue )
Approx.Size On Disc MB
Approx. Archive Size
( Archive Type Used )
414 MB
( 1 RAR File with
2% Recovery )
Barcode Number(s)
( UPC / EAN )

From the back cover.
  •  4907095000563  - 


Menus and gameplay are in Japanese.

Sequel to Neorude that continues the plot of the first game (and features the same 3 main characters). The player again will control three different characters (that can be changed during the play choosing which one the player wants to control): Til, Aria & Rufrain. Til & Rufrain are warriors and Aria is a magician.

The gameplay is like the first game a point and click adventure style and a rpg in the battles using the point and click system of the first game.

  Manufacturer's description:

Sequel of the leading RPG "Neorude" that will lead indirectly with a cursor three characters that appeared full of individuality to PS. Intact, the system will get the experience by solving the mystery of command will increase, achieve more highly strategic play. The story will be forwarded according to the situation three master warrior Till, Aria witch, thief of the roof rain.

  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-Fi & Medieval Fantasy themes.
Number Of Players  1 Player
Number Of Memory Card Blocks  1 Block
Compatible Controllers Tested
( Official Gamepads Only )
 Standard Controller ( Analog Controller compatible )
Compatible Light Guns
( Official Light Guns Only )
Other Compatible Controllers
( Official Controllers Only )
 Mouse compatible
Special Controllers Included Or
Supported ( Official Only )
Vibration Function Compatible  No
Multi-Tap Function Compatible  No
Link Cable Function Compatibile  No
Emulator  ePSXe v.2.0
Video Plugin  Pete's OpenGL2 GPU Core 2.0.0 ( internal X & Internal Y= Very High, Stretching mode: Stretch to full window size, render Mode: 2 (Use framebuffer object) text filt = 2 FPS limit= 63, Compatibility=2,3,2; Shader effects= 5 (GLSlang Files (gpuPeteOGL2-slv/slf))
Audio Plugin  ePSXe SPU Core v.2.0.0
CD-ROM Plugin  ePSXe CDRom Plugin
Game Pad Plugin  N / A
Vibration Compatible  The game doesn't have it (Mouse compatible).
Console Bios Used  SCPH7502

  NOTE:   This is not the only possible combination of plugins. There are others that will work (better or worse) for your particular hardware. We provide you with one working set-up so that you may get the game up and running, hassle-free. Testing other emulators/plugins is up to you.


  Move pointer:  D-Pad or Left Analog Stick
  Select action / Examine objects:  Circle Button
  Cancel action:  X Button
  Next character:  L1 Button
  Status:  Triangle Button
  Pause game:  Start Button


  Infinite HP 999 character TIL -  
801BB770 03E7
801BB772 03E7
801BBCEE 03E7
801BBCF0 03E7
  Infinite HP 999 character ARIA HIGHLAND -  
801BB7C0 03E7
801BB7C2 03E7
801BC3EE 03E7
801BC3F0 03E7
  Infinite HP 999 character RUFRAIN LOVE -  
801BB810 03E7
801BB812 03E7
801BCAAE 03E7
801BCAF0 03E7

 - Jewel Case Covers
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Resolution - 72 dpi
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Resolution - 72 dpi
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 - Advert Covers
Size - 1855 x 2300 pix.
Resolution - 300 dpi
Download - 1'43 MB
 - Disc Cover

  • Neorude 2 [Technosoft Collection] [SLPS-02254]   

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