Official Title  Panzer Bandit
Common Title  Panzer Bandit
Serial Number(s)  SLPS-00899
Region  NTSC-J
Genre / Style  Beat'em up 

Developer  Fill in Cafe / Kool Kizz Amusement Works.
Publisher  Banpresto.
Date Released  7 August 1997
Disc Number &
Printed Serial Number

Serial Number In Disc SLPS-00899
Media Disc ID N / A
Number Of Tracks 2
( 1 Data Track &
1 Audio Track )
Approx. Image Size
( Image Format Used )
( .bin / .cue )
Approx.Size On Disc MB
Approx. Archive Size
( Archive Type Used )
( 1 RAR File with
2% Recovery )
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From the back cover.
  •  4983164734218  - 


Menus and gameplay are in Japanese.

Panzer Bandit is a beat'em up game in which you have 4 characters to choose from (and 8 unlockable ones) to go through 8 stages in total to brawl it out before completing the game.

In addition to that, there is a versus mode, which allow you to duke it out one on one, two on two, or battle royal up to a total of 4 players or CPU controlled opponents.

World have since gone scrace with the reduction in energy that consistently used by human. For this, an organization called Arc (actually the name of the giant flying whale-ship) lead by the evil Prof. Farado seek to manipulate the consumption of preserved energy and ultimately conquer the world with that in possession. For the course of the game, your heroes are required to take the preserved energy before "Arc" does in the first 4 stages, and ultimately, destroy whatever left of "Arc" in the last 4 stages

One thing you might want to know is the story of this game actually intended to be incomplete for the 'to be continued....' message actually come out after you beat the final boss of this game at normal difficulty or higher. However, as Fill-In-Cafe have since disappeared, there will probably be no more future Panzer Bandit game whatsoever

- Kou: Hero who can shoot fireballs and has a floating robot buddy to assist him as well.
- Kasumi: A ninja with robotic dogs pals
- Miu: Miu a girl in a gigantic mech
- Ein: A robot filled with guns, lasers, and bombs.

  Manufacturer's description:

Full of magic and mecha fighting action takes place in a different world turns. Set in 2D with depth of field, with a comical action Ri Gemasu melee battle finishing moves and colorful quirky characters who are in disarray. In addition to story mode, and up to four people can play simultaneously mode also comes with VS.

  • Third person perspective.
  • 2D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-FI, Futuristic, Medieval Fantasy & Anime themes.
Number Of Players  1-2 Players
Number Of Memory Card Blocks  1 Block
Compatible Controllers Tested
( Official Gamepads Only )
 Standard Controller ( Dual Shock Controller compatible )
Compatible Light Guns
( Official Light Guns Only )
Other Compatible Controllers
( Official Controllers Only )
Special Controllers Included Or
Supported ( Official Only )
Vibration Function Compatible  Yes
Multi-Tap Function Compatible  Yes ( 1 to 4 Players )
Link Cable Function Compatibile  No
Emulator  ePSXe v.1.7.0
Video Plugin  Pete's OpenGL Driver v2.9 ( internal X & Internal Y= Very High, Stretching mode: Stretch to full window size, render Mode: 2 (Use framebuffer object) text filt = 2 FPS limit= 63, Compatibility=2,3,2; Shader effects= 1 (Fullscreen smoothin))
Audio Plugin  ePSXe SPU Core v.1.7.0
CD-ROM Plugin  ePSXe Cdrom plugin
Game Pad Plugin  N / A
Vibration Compatible  Yes (Digital only).
Console Bios Used  SCPH7502

  NOTE:   This is not the only possible combination of plugins. There are others that will work (better or worse) for your particular hardware. We provide you with one working set-up so that you may get the game up and running, hassle-free. Testing other emulators/plugins is up to you.

  Move character:  D-pad
  Dash:  D-Pad (twice)
  Jump:  D-Pad up
  Double Jump:  D-Pad up (twice)
  Throw / Grab:  D-Pad + Square Button
  Special attack:  Circle Button
  Weak attack:  X Button
  Attack on both sides:  Triangle Button
  Heavy attack:  Square Button
  Change between edit / Copy:  Square Button
  Heavy attack:  Square Button
  Special attack:  R2 Button
  Heavy attack:  L2 Button
  Switch between foreground and background:  L1 or R1 Button
  Dashing heavy attack:  D-Pad right twice + Square Button
  Dashing weak attack:  D-Pad right twice + X Button
  Pause game:  Start Button

  Enable vibration -   From the main menu, select Story Mode (first option) and then Record. Once in the Records menu, hold down Start and input: Left, Right, Circle, Square. An explosion noise will confirm correct entry. With this code entered, rumble (but not analog control) will be enabled 
  All bosses -   When you go into story mode go into the options and then hold select and then press up, down, right, left, square, x, triangle, circle to get all the bosses 
  Alternate Costume Palettes -   When in Versus Mode hold L1, L2, or R2 while selecting your character. 
  Use Dr. Farado's Mini Mecha -   When picking Dr. Farado (the blue-haired evil scientist) in any character selection screen, hold Start while pressing circle to select him. Instead of his usual Big Mecha, he will now use the more agile, octopus-like Mini Mecha. Both of these robots have different characteristics and move sets. 

  Infinite Energy Player 1 -  
801DDDA0 00C0
  Full Power Player 1 -  
801DDDA8 00C0
  Infinite Energy Player 2 -  
801DE3E8 00C0
  Full Power Player 2 -  
801DE3F0 00C0
  Secret Character -  
801FFF48 000C
801FFF4C 000C
 - Jewel Case Covers
Dim. - 500 x 443 pix.
Res. - 300 dpi
File Size - 105 KB
Dim. - 500 x 443 pix.
Res. - 300 dpi
File Size - 101 KB
 - Disc Cover


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