Official Title  Wizardry - New age of Llylgamyn [SuperLite Gold]
Common Title  Wizardry - New age of Llylgamyn [SuperLite Gold]
Serial Number(s)  SLPM-86878
Region  NTSC-J
Genre / Style  RPG

Developer  Thunder Stone Japan.
Publisher  Success.
Date Released  30 October 2001
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Printed Serial Number

Serial Number In Disc SLPM-86878
Media Disc ID N / A
Number Of Tracks 1
( 1 Data Track )
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From the back cover.
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Menus and gameplay are in Multi-2 (Japanese & English).

Wizardry is a series of computer role-playing games, developed by Sir-Tech, that were popular in the 1980s. Originally made for the Apple II, they were later ported to other platforms. The latest game in the series, Wizardry 8, is available only for Windows.

Wizardry began as a simple dungeon crawl by Andrew C. Greenberg and Robert Woodhead. It was written when they were students at Cornell University and then published by Sir-Tech. The first five games in the series were written in Apple Pascal, an implementation of UCSD Pascal, and was ported to many different platforms by writing UCSD Pascal implementations for the target machines (Mac II cross-development).

When Wizardry was first introduced in Japan, the lack of available information as well as a low quality of translation led to the game being far more seriously interpreted by Japanese players due to overlooking in-game jokes and parodies. For example, in early games Blade Cusinart was introduced as "a legendary sword made by the famous blacksmith, Cusinart" as Cuisinart and its food processors were virtually unknown in Japan and thus its meaning was misinterpreted. However, this misconception appealed to early computer gamers who were looking for something different and made Wizardry series popular. Conversely, the fourth game, The Return of Werdna, was poorly received as lacking the knowledge of subcultures necessary to solving the game; Japanese players had no chance of figuring out some puzzles.

Wizardry: New Age of Llylgamyn is a continuation of the Legacy of Llylgamyn. The New Age of Llylgamyn continues with the remakes of the 4th and 5th part of the story. Each collection has great smooth-scrolling 3D graphics (which can be turned off completely if you’re a purist), and gallery bonuses that show off some beautiful artwork. This is the only collection of games to include a vast remake of Wizardry IV: The Return of Werdna, the most difficult Wizardry ever made. There are two different modes for Wizardry IV: classic and arrange. Classic allows you to play Wizardry IV in English if you set the options correctly

- Wizardry IV: The Return of Werdna is the fourth scenario in the Wizardry series of computer role-playing games. It was published in 1986 by Sir-tech Software, Inc.

The Return of Werdna is drastically different from the trilogy that precedes it. Rather than continuing the adventures of the player's party from the previous three games, The Return of Werdna's protagonist is Werdna, the evil wizard that was defeated in the end of Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord and imprisoned at the bottom of his dungeon forever.

The game begins at the bottom of a 10-level dungeon. Most of Werdna's powers are depleted, and must be gradually recovered throughout the game. The initial goal is to climb to the top of the dungeon, reclaiming Werdna's full power along the way. Each level has one or more pentagrams at specific points. The pentagrams have three purposes: The first time a pentagram is discovered in a level, Werdna's strength increases, and a portion of his powers are restored. This only happens once per level; finding multiple pentagrams on a single level will not increase his powers multiple times. The second purpose is that monsters may be summoned from the pentagrams. The higher the level, the stronger the monsters available. There is no cost to summoning monsters, but only three parties of monsters may be summoned at a time, and any existing monsters will be replaced by the summoned ones. The third purpose is that pentagrams refresh Werdna's health and spellcasting capacity.

Instead of fighting monsters, the player fights against the heroes from the past three Wizardry games. Players of the first three games who sent their character disks to Sir-Tech might have their characters present in Wizardry IV.

- Wizardry V: Heart of the Maelstrom: Despite the defeat of Trebor, Werdna, and L'kbreth, dark times once again threaten the kingdom of Llylgamyn. So once again a party of adventurers must venture forth to vanquish the evil.

Wizardry V represents a complete revision of the gaming system used in the first four installments, with larger mazes, new spells and character classes, and an expanded system for combatting and interacting with creatures. It is also the first game in the series that allows, but does not require characters imported from a previous scenario.

  Manufacturer's description:

Software was recorded the "center of five calamity scenario" and the RPG "Wizardry" series to explore a 3D dungeon masterpiece set the party "Revenge of the Scenario 4 Wadona". You can enjoy going to a dungeon at a time "5" for rescue gatekeeper "4" and was the hero, trapped the evil mage Wardener of a scenario.

  • First person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • Medieval Fantasy theme.
Number Of Players  1 Player
Number Of Memory Card Blocks  4 Blocks
Compatible Controllers Tested
( Official Gamepads Only )
 Standard Controller / Analog Controller ( Dual Shock Controller compatible )
Compatible Light Guns
( Official Light Guns Only )
Other Compatible Controllers
( Official Controllers Only )
Special Controllers Included Or
Supported ( Official Only )
Vibration Function Compatible  Yes
Multi-Tap Function Compatible  No
Link Cable Function Compatibile  No
Emulator  ePSXe v.1.7.0
Video Plugin  Pete's OpenGL Driver v2.9 ( internal X & Internal Y= Very High, Stretching mode: Stretch to full window size, render Mode: 2 (Use framebuffer object) text filt = 2 FPS limit= 63, Compatibility=2,3,2; Shader effects= 1 (Fullscreen smoothin))
Audio Plugin  ePSXe SPU Core v.1.7.0
CD-ROM Plugin  ePSXe Cdrom plugin
Game Pad Plugin  N / A
Vibration Compatible  Yes.
Console Bios Used  SCPH7502

  NOTE:   This is not the only possible combination of plugins. There are others that will work (better or worse) for your particular hardware. We provide you with one working set-up so that you may get the game up and running, hassle-free. Testing other emulators/plugins is up to you.

  Move character -  D-Pad
  Character status -  X Button
  Advance -  Circle Button
  Menus -  Square Button
  Save Menu -  Triangle Button
  Map -  R2 Button
  Sidestep left or right -  L1 or R1 Button
  Option -  L2 Button
  Show / Hide text -  Start Button


  Level 9999 -  
800D0534 270F
  HP 9999 -  
800D0536 270F
  Max HP 9999 -  
800D0538 270F
  Swimming 999 -  
800D05AE 2700

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Dim. - 620 x 876 pix.
Res. - 300 dpi
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Res. - 300 dpi
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 - Disc Cover

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