June 16, 2018:

I have added today the following game entries to the PSX Datacenter:

  • Lightspan - Calamity 2 - People and traditions [LSP-200220] (E)
  • Lightspan - Calamity 3 - Around the World [LSP-200330] (E)

  • Player Manager - Época 98-99 [SLES-02015] (P)

  • AubirdForce [SLPS-00546] (J)
  • Aubirdforce [Limited Edition] [SLPS-00533] (J)
  • Bubblegun Kid [SLPS-01710] (J)
  • Rally Cross [SCUS-94308] (E)
  • Rally Cross [SCES-00408] (E)
  • Rally Cross [SIPS-60022] (J)
  • Rami-Chan No Ooeto Surogoku: Keio Yugekitai Gaiden [SLPS-01546] (J)
  • Rampage World Tour [SLUS-00549] (E)
  • Rampage World Tour [SLES-01011] (E)
  • Rascal [SLUS-00542] (E)
  • Rascal [SLES-00858] (E)
  • Rat Attack [SLUS-00656] (E)
  • Rat Attack [SLES-01103] (E)(F)(G)(I)(S)(Du)
  • Rayman [SLPS-00026] (J)
  • Rayman [SLUS-00005] (E)
  • Rayman [SLES-00049] (E)(F)(G)
  • Rayman Brain Games [SLUS-01265] (E)
  • Rayman Junior Level 1 [SLES-02798] (E)(F)(G)(I)(S)
  • Rayman Junior Level 2 [SLES-02799] (E)(F)(G)(I)(S)
  • Rayman Junior Level 3 [SLES-02800] (E)(F)(G)(I)(S)
  • RC De Go! [SLUS-01285] (E)
  • RC De Go! [SLES-03068] (E)
  • RC De Go! [SLPM-86546] (J)
  • Simple 1500 Series Vol. 68 - The RC Car (RC de GO!)[SLPM-86865] (J)
  • Player Manager Ninety Nine [SLES-01346] (E)
  • Player Manager Ninety Nine [SLES-02132] (E)
  • Player Manager Ninety Nine [SLES-02015] (G)
  • Guy Roux Manager '99 [SLES-01934] (F)
  • Player Manager Novanta Nove [SLES-01767] (I)

Added new descriptions, hires covers & screenshots.

  • Aubirdforce (J) [SLPS-00533]
  • Aubirdforce (J) [SLPS-00533] [Guide Book]

Manual scans cleaned & compiled into cbr by gladiator.

I have added more videos to the Playstation Datacenter Youtube Channel this week:

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