December 9, 2017:

I have added today the following game entries to the PSX Datacenter:

  • Bob Aggiustatutto [SLES-03674] (I)
  • Byggmester Bob - Kan det Fikses? [SLES-03563] (N)
  • Byggare Bob - Kan vi fixa det? [SLES-03562] (Sw)
  • Machine Hunter [SLES-00832] (I)

  • Alnam No Tsubasa - Shouchiri No Sora No Achira E [SLPS-01187-9] (J)
  • Bob the Builder - Can we fix it? [SLUS-01407] (E)
  • Bob the Builder - Can we fix it? [SLES-02856] (E)
  • Bob Le Bricoleur - Reparer C'Est Gagne! [SLES-03798] (F)
  • Bob the Builder - Kan vi Klare det? [SLES-03564] (D)
  • Machine Hunter [SLUS-00470] (E)
  • Machine Hunter [SLES-00630] (E)
  • Machine Hunter [SLES-00830] (F)
  • Machine Hunter [SLES-00831] (G)
  • Magical Hoppers [SLPS-00737] (J)
  • Pacapaca Passion 2 [SLPS-02720] (J)
  • Pachi Slot Kanzen Kouryaku 4 - Universal Koushiki Gaido Vol.4 [SLPS-02127] (J)
  • PAL - Shinken Densetsu [SLPS-00346] (J)
  • PAL - Shinken Densetsu [Playstation the Best] [SLPS-91067] (J)
  • Palm Town [SLPS-01820] (J)
  • Palm Town [Major Wave Series] [SLPM-87018] (J)
  • Pandemonium! [SLUS-00232] (E)
  • Pandemonium! [SLES-00526] (E)
  • Pandora Project - The Logic Master [SLPS-00347] (J)
  • Panekit - Infinitive Crafting Toy Case [SCPS-10096] (J)
  • Panzer Front [SLUS-01399] (E)
  • Panzer Front [SLPS-02503] (J)
  • Panzer Front [Enterbrain Collection] [SLPS-03345] (J)
  • Panzer Front [SLES-03339] (E)(F)(G)
  • Panzer General [SLUS-00132] (E)
  • Panzer General [SLPS-00552] (J)
  • Panzer General [SLES-00041] (E)
  • Paradise Casino [SLES-04048] (E)
  • Paradise Casino [Nice Price Vol. 9] [SLPS-03409] (J)
  • Puuha Pete - Korjataanko [SLES-03565] (Fi)

Added new descriptions, hires covers & screenshots.

  • Alnam no Tsubasa (J) [SLPS-01187-9]

Manual scans cleaned & compiled into cbr by gladiator.

I have added more videos to the Playstation Datacenter Youtube Channel this week:

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