May 11, 2022:

I have added the following game manuals to the PSX Datacenter:

  • Final Fantasy - Origins (I)(S) [SLES-04034]
  • Final Fantasy Anthology (S) [SCES-03840]
  • Final Fantasy IX (S) [SLES-02969]
  • Final Fantasy VI (S) [SCES-03828]
  • Final Fantasy VII (S) [SCES-00900]
  • Final Fantasy VII International (J) [SLPS-01057-60]
  • Fire Woman Matoigumi (J) [SLPS-01315] Bonus Comic
  • Fire Woman Matoigumi (J) [SLPS-01315]
  • Formula 1 (Multi-2) (E)(F) [SLES-00298]
  • Formula GP (S) [SLES-03994]
  • Formula One 2000 (E) [SCES-02777]
  • Fox Junction (J) [SLPS-01355]
  • Front Mission Alternative (J) [SLPS-00953]
  • Future Cop L.A.P.D. (E)(P) [SLES-01449]

Manual scans by AlMagno cleaned & compiled into cbrs by gladiator.

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