Official Title  Doom
Common Title  Doom
Serial Number(s)  SLES-00132
Region  PAL
Genre / Style  First Person Shooter 

Developer  Midway Studios San Diego.
Publisher  GT Interactive / Williams Entertainment.
Date Released  16 November 1995
Disc Number &
Printed Serial Number

Serial Number In Disc SLES-00132
Media Disc ID N / A
Number Of Tracks 8
( 1 Data Track &
7 Audio Tracks )
Approx. Image Size
( Image Format Used )
277 MB
( .bin / .cue )
Approx.Size On Disc MB
Approx. Archive Size
( Archive Type Used )
161 MB
( 1 RAR File with
2% Recovery )
Barcode Number(s)
( UPC / EAN )

From the back cover.
  •  5029988000296  - 


Menus and gameplay are in English.

Doom has you assuming the role of a space marine out to save the galaxy and the world. A portal has been opened that is spawning forth all sorts of hideous demons and alien creatures -- and they're not happy.

The PlayStation version of Doom is more of a collection rather than the actual game. It contains over 50 levels of shoot 'em up action; the full version of Doom II and Ultimate Doom (the original Doom plus some "master" levels) included. Purists can rest knowing that every secret, room and texture has remained intact from the PC versions, though there are some modifications.

Among the changes is an increased frame rate that now runs up to 30 frames a second. Additionally, the graphics have been given an overhaul thanks to the PlayStation's technology, and the sound now streams in 24-channel stereo quality. Ambient lighting effects have also been added, something John Romero had always wanted for Doom.

As you progress through the various levels, you'll come across weapons, each one stronger than the last. At your disposal is the default military-issue pistol and your fists (complete with a spiky ring), a chainsaw, two shotguns (one double barreled), a chaingun, rocket launcher, plasma rifle, and the BFG 9000. You'll need a supply like this because you'll be fighting against demonic barons of hell, cyberdemons, cybernetic arachnids, and possessed marines.

The PlayStation's Link Cable is also supported so that you and a friend can hook up two consoles and participate in a deathmatch game. Players are also given the option to go through the levels in a cooperative mode.

  Manufacturer's description:

All Hell's Breaking Loose!

This is it! The gaming addiction that's been played by an estimated 10 million fanatics on the PC. And now it's out in a sweat-soaked, pulse-pounding, adrenaline-wrenching version for the PlayStation game console.

It's DOOM. The Custom PlayStation Edition. Enhanced to take full advantage of the PlayStation's cutting-edge technology. With over 50 levels of madness and mayhem from ULTIMATE DOOM and DOOM II. Plus unique, new levels of destruction that make all hell break loose on your screen!

* Over 50 hellish levels
* All-new ambient lighting effects
* Super fast speed: up to 30 frames/sec
* All-new 24-channel stereo sound effects
* Includes all original secrets, triggers, switches and areas to explore
* The best monsters, weapons and bosses from ULTIMATE DOOM and DOOM II
* All the classic cheat modes plus a new, powerful cheat mode unique to the Custom PlayStation Edition of DOOM

  • First person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-FI & Futuristic themes.
Number Of Players  1-2 Players
Number Of Memory Card Blocks  1 Block
Compatible Controllers Tested
( Official Gamepads Only )
 Standard Controller ( Digital Controller compatible only )
Compatible Light Guns
( Official Light Guns Only )
Other Compatible Controllers
( Official Controllers Only )
Special Controllers Included Or
Supported ( Official Only )
Vibration Function Compatible  No
Multi-Tap Function Compatible  No
Link Cable Function Compatibile  Yes
Emulator  ePSXe v1.9.0
Video Plugin  Pete's OpenGL Driver v2.9 ( internal X & Internal Y= Very High, Stretching mode: Stretch to full window size, render Mode: 2 (Use framebuffer object) text filt = 2 FPS limit= 53, Compatibility=1,3,2; Shader effects= 1 (Fullscreen smoothin))
Audio Plugin  ePSXe SPU Core v.1.9.0
CD-ROM Plugin  ePSXe Cdrom plugin
Game Pad Plugin  N / A
Vibration Compatible  The game doesn't have it (Digital only).
Console Bios Used  SCPH7502

  NOTE:   This is not the only possible combination of plugins. There are others that will work (better or worse) for your particular hardware. We provide you with one working set-up so that you may get the game up and running, hassle-free. Testing other emulators/plugins is up to you.

  Move forward:  D-Pad up
  Move backward:  D-Pad down
  Turn left or right:  D-Pad left or right
  Strafe on:  X Button
  Open Doors and Activate Switches:  Circle Button
  Fire weapon:  Triangle Button
  Run:  Square Button
  Strafe left or right:  L1 or R1 Button
  Weapon down:  L2 Button
  Strafe up:  R2 Button
  Automap on/off, brings up Menu when Paused:  Select Button
  Pause game:  Start Button


  Full Guns and Ammo -  
X, Triangle, L1, Up, Down, R2, Left, Left
  Full Map -  
Triangle, Triangle, L2, R2, L2, R2, R1, Square
  God Mode -  
Down, L2, Square, R1, Right, L1, Left, Circle
  Level Warp -  
Right, Left, R2, R1, Triangle, L1, Circle, X
  Map with Objects -  
Triangle, Triangle, L2, R2, L2, R2, R1, Circle
  X-Ray Goggles -  
L1, R2, L2, R1, Right, Triangle, X, Right

  Invincible -  
800A8888 0001
800A8880 00C7
800A887C 0064

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Res. - 200 dpi
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  • Doom [SLUS-00077]   

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