Official Title  The Granstream Saga
Common Title  The Granstream Saga
Serial Number(s)  SCES-01322
Region  PAL
Genre / Style  Action / RPG

Developer  Production I.G, Inc., Shade, Inc.
Publisher  Sony Computer Entertainment Incorporated.
Date Released  26 February 1999
Disc Number &
Printed Serial Number

Serial Number In Disc SCES-01322
Media Disc ID N / A
Number Of Tracks 1
( 1 Data Track )
Approx. Image Size
( Image Format Used )
( .bin / .cue )
Approx.Size On Disc MB
Approx. Archive Size
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( 1 RAR File with
2% Recovery )
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From the back cover.
  •  711719769422  - 


Menus and gameplay are in German.

One hundred years ago, the planet of Granstream was ravaged by a war between the Imperial Wizardry and the Allied Spirit Army. To break the deadlock, the Imperial Wizardry unleashed a forbidden weapon long since banned by both sides, causing the planet's axis to shift and flooding the world in the process. Four wise men, aligned to the elements of fire, water, earth, and wind, managed to raise four continents into the air, saving those they could. Now however, the descendants of the wise men responsible for this noble act have begun disappearing and reports emerge that Imperial airships have been spotted. Raised by a kindly man by the name of Valos, it falls to Eon, a young orphaned boy whose wrist is adorned by a mysterious bracelet called a Scepter, to save the continents.

A 3D polygonal RPG, The Granstream Saga presents players with the usual allotment of items, weapons, and equipment, the collection of which is necessary should Eon have a chance of saving the continents of Shilf, Aquas, Volcos, and Zephere. On his journey, Eon will be accompanied by two woman, Laramee and Arcia, and a bird named Korky, though only he will engage in battle. Movement throughout the world is viewed from an overhead perspective, while battles take place in real-time 3D. The battles, which consist primarily of one-on-one duels, allow players full control over the character's movement within the confines of the battle area. Magic and melee attacks provide the necessary offensive capabilities, though if required the player can use a shield to block enemy attacks or evade them by double-tapping the directional pad in a specific direction. Special abilities can be learned and subsequently implemented during battles, many of which are unique to the weapon type your character currently wields.

Once learned, these skills can be executed with the proper D-pad movements. Daggers, axes, and short and long swords can be used in battle, each with unique damage potential and speed of use. Enemies can been seen in the overworld, and thus battles avoided at the whim of the player. Interspersed between the battles are puzzles that require solving before the player can progress. Critical junctures in the plot unfold via animated cutscenes, and hand-drawn character portraits accompany conversations with significant characters in the game.

Engage in real-time 3D combat using weapons and magic spells
Traverse the four continents: travel through towns and explore dungeons
Watch the story unfold via animated cutscenes

  Manufacturer's description:


Assume the role of the young warrior Eon, Granstream's only hope to prevent its continents from plummeting into the sea. Embark on a grand and challenging adventure-collaborate with beautiful air pirates, consult wise sages, and battle the diabolical minions of the Imperial Wizardy. Only your clever mind, skillful sword and powerful magic can rescue the world of Granstream from the brink of doom.

The RPG that debuted at #1 in Japan

  • Third person perspective.
  • 3D graphics
  • Cartoon graphics
  • SCI-FI & Medieval Fantasy themes.
Number Of Players  1 Player
Number Of Memory Card Blocks  1 Block
Compatible Controllers Tested
( Official Gamepads Only )
 Standard Controller / Analog Controller ( Dual Shock Controller compatible )
Compatible Light Guns
( Official Light Guns Only )
Other Compatible Controllers
( Official Controllers Only )
Special Controllers Included Or
Supported ( Official Only )
Vibration Function Compatible  Yes
Multi-Tap Function Compatible  No
Link Cable Function Compatibile  No
Emulator  ePSXe v.1.9.0
Video Plugin  Pete's OpenGL Driver v2.9 ( internal X & Internal Y= Very High, Stretching mode: Stretch to full window size, render Mode: 2 (Use framebuffer object) text filt = 2 FPS limit= 53, Compatibility=2,3,2; Shader effects= 1 (Fullscreen smoothin))
Audio Plugin  ePSXe SPU Core v.1.9.0
CD-ROM Plugin  ePSXe Cdrom plugin
Game Pad Plugin  N / A
Vibration Compatible  Yes.
Console Bios Used  SCPH7502

  NOTE:   This is not the only possible combination of plugins. There are others that will work (better or worse) for your particular hardware. We provide you with one working set-up so that you may get the game up and running, hassle-free. Testing other emulators/plugins is up to you.

  Move character:  D-Pad or Left Analog Stick
  Examine object, talk to other characters, advance text -  X Button
  Advance text, cancel menu -  Circle Button
  Current magic -  Square Button
  Command menu -  Triangle Button
  Rotate the camera 90 clockwise -  L1 Button
  Rotate the camera 90 counterclockwise -  R1 Button

  Move character:  D-Pad or Left Analog Stick
  Attack with current weapon, press repeatedly for multiple hits -  X Button
  Press and hold to block enemy attacks with your shield (you can't move while you are blocking) -  Circle Button
  Current magic -  Square Button
  Command menu -  Triangle Button
  Hold and use the D-Pad to dodge in that direction -  R1 Button


  Joker Command -  
D009F340 0000
  Unendlich Ep -  
801C915C 869F
801C915E 0001
  Unendlich Hp Im Kampf -  
800C201C 001E

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Res. - 300 dpi
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 - Disc Cover

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